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    "Recipe for corporate success in today’s global world.."
    T. Venkatesharam, Director
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    “A complete professional makeover. Need of the hour….”
    Rajesh Ranjan, IDAS Director (Training) Controller General of Defence Academy
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    “Small things make huge differences…”
    Vineet Sehgal Senior Vice President Operations, Finance
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    “This is a workshop that I would recommend every working professional…”
    R. Barval Director, Marketing
  • “I am a new person now!!! Every executive is incomplete without this workshop..”
    Rishi Dhingra Director
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    “Crisp, effective and simple. My life has changed both personally and professionally..”
    Uttam Reddy Vice President, Marketing
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    “A complete Corporate Makeover. Highly recommended for Top,Middle & Front Line Executives.”
    Rajesh Kurkeja, OPTIMA GROUP INDIA
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    “A must for all senior rank and diplomats.”
    N. Balram, Deputy Commissioner Ministry of Finance
  • "The gains are instant and the results are priceless."
    T.K.Naha, Vice President (Iron Zone), JSW Steel Ltd.
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    "I came poorer, I'm leaving RICHER. I came cynical, I'm leaving a BELIEVER. I came expecting the impossible & I'm leaving knowing that it is possible."
    Prema Nadik, Director, Druk Airways
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    “Excellent workshop. Needs to be introduced in every government department..”
    Dr. R. Nagora, Deputy Commissioner Ministry of Finance
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    “It was a wake up call…”
    Rohit Kapoor, Senior Vice President, H.R.
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    "It's the need of the hour to out beat the competition."
    Malvika Rai, Chairperson,IILM,
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    "Your passport to SUCCESS."
    Aditi Misra, Principal, D.P.S. Gurgaon,
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    "An eye opener – its best to catch them young."
    Narender Kumar, Chairman, DPS.
  • "Would go a long way in enhancing corporate image."
    Biswajit Bannerjee, Vice President, IFCI
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    "My team has been enriched with a global experience…”
    S. Chakravarty Director, H.R.
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    “It was quite an awakening and enriching experience.”
    Vijeyta Arya, Jr Director, Institute of Leadership Development, IFCI
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    “Excellent interactive where I learnt a lot of finer traits that normally get ignored."
    S. Bhowmik Director, Finance
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    "Superb experience, a transition from middle management to top management, Excellent."
    Jitendra Jain, CFO- Treasury, GMR Group
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    “This training is required for every student joining a business school..”
    Dr. Deepak Dogra Dean
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    “Very good, informative and a must for every corporate executive.”
    R. Sehgal, Senior Vice President