Corporate Trainings


"85% of one's success at the workplace is attributes to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills"

(Harvard Study)

  1. Business Etiquette
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Social Etiquette
  4. Motivational Training
  5. Dinning Etiquette
  6. Leadership Skills Training
  7. Gender Sensitization
  8. Dealing with Stress
  9. Image Enhancing
  10. Power Dressing & Grooming
  11. Art of Dealing with Criticisms
  12. Art of Critical Thinking/Logical Thinking
  13. Art of Workplace Socializing
  14. Self-Management Training
  15. Social Skills and Etiquette Training
  16. Getting Rid of Complexes
  17. Confidence Building Training
  18. Art of Overcoming Shyness
  19. Decision Making Skills Training
  20. Wine and Champagne Appreciation
  21. Art of Converting Anger into Assertive Behavior
  22. Art of leaving Lasting Impressions
  23. Team Building Skills Training

With evolving robust demands of a modern workplace, an employee is not sufficient with just "hard skills". Moreover, employee development today calls out for "Soft Skills". Climbing up the corporate ladder is no more facile today, with bridging competition and compelling needs of development. Thus, training and upgrading the human resources in all spheres is the need of the hour.


Behaviors are the key contributors of an employee’s success in business. It is highly important to train employees in a way that leads to the fulfillment of individual as well as organizational goals.


Behavioral Skills Training enables an employee to rectify the "existing" skills potential of employees and "ideal" skills potential, henceforth nurture them for the same.

We, at Pria Warrick Finishing Academy cater the corporate houses, with our comprehensive Behavioral Skills Training for the executives.

All of our training courses are customized and designed according to the needs and objectives of the organization and its participant employees. All our courses are thoroughly participative with a striking emphasis on application and practice of the behavioral skills. The goal of the training is to achieve a change in the work behavior of the participants. Behavioral training is focused on the individual's performance. At the end of a training course, each participant will receive a summary of recommendations in order to become even more successful in the future.

Our Behavioral Skills Training programme endeavor to achieve:

  1. Accord development opportunities that elevate knowledge, develop skills & enrich the organization.
  2. Promote, support & leverage the soft skills of the employees to enhance workforce efficiency and improved customer service
  3. Develop, groom and prepare employee to standout out in the crowd.

The wide scope of training inculcate enhancing performance through following skills training:

Having an experience of 25 years into training the front line executives to the top brass, our workshops adhere the complete development of executives personality through modes of participative training activities, business related case studies, decision making group storming etc. for a relatively deeper learning and application.