Soft Skills Training

  1. Creating Lasting Impressions
  2. Protocol Training and Etiquette-I
  3. Power Dressing
  4. Body Language
  5. Dining Etiquette- I
  6. Wine and Champagne Appreciation
  7. High status social confidence
  8. Officer’s Communication Etiquette
  9. Art of Diplomacy
  10. Art of Entertaining
  11. Social Etiquette
  12. Social Graces Level – II
  13. Team Building skills training
  14. Social skills and etiquette training
  15. Self presentation skills
  16. Leadership skills training
  17. Art of socializing
  18. Art of Tact and Diplomacy
  19. Relationship Management
  20. Communication Skills
  21. Dealing with a V.I.P
  22. Art of being a Host
  23. Art of being a Guest
  24. Cross Cultural Sensitization
  25. International Protocol Etiquette

“If 125 crore people work together; India will move forward 125 crore steps.” (P.M Narendra Modi)

Being the fastest growing economy in the world, the major determinants of our country’s progress is not only the evolution of Globalization but also the development of our resources i.e. the government workforce. A country is successful only when the people are uplifted with their jobs.

To have professional knowledge in a respective field is vital but also having a polished approach to handle all situations in professional and social situation along with International Grooming. With the global environment in today’s workplace, it is very essential not to rule out the areas of Personal Development and Image Enhancement.

Soft Skills training is gaining memento nowadays as the Prime Minister’s focus is on developing Global officers at par with the officers of the developed countries. Trainings are delivered to Government officer’s in respect to all the arenas of their Personal Development. Through Soft skills training we develop a polished officer’s personality with finesse, Grace, Refinement, Polishing, Etiquette and Grooming. The Officer’s Protocol Training to the various government departments has become more or less mandatory to become global personalities for the modern challenges.

The importance of the Soft Skills Trainings is also emphasized by our government’s focus on the Skill India initiative which aims at providing skills based training to our most essential resource. As the government plans to include 500 hours of soft skills training as a part of technical syllabus, to prepare the workforce for the industry needs. (Economics Times)