About Us

Leaders in Etiquette . Grooming . Confidence Building . Behavior Transformation

    People and Diamonds have real market value once polished”…. PRIA WARRICK (Director)

Pria Warrick Finishing Academy – a school of Personality Development – was founded in 1989 by our Director, Ms. Pria Warrick. Under her able leadership and guidance, the School has lead the way in training and transforming Corporate Executives, Government Officers, Diplomats, Royalties, Celebrities, students of Universities/Schools, Ladies,  Teens/Kids etc. on Behaviour Transformation , Personality Enhancement , Confidence Building , Etiquette and Grooming.

Pria Warrick, a Psychologist , a Certified Image builder , Celebrity Trainer and Etiquette Expert having credentials such as :
  1. Counselling Psychologist from Cornell University, U.S.A. specializing on Behaviour makeover and transformation
  2. Human Behaviour Specialist from University of Vienna , Austria.
  3. An Internationally acclaimed Etiquette Expert and Personality builder from the World Famous Finishing School of Switzerland

Her modules "Corporate Finesse" and "Impression Management" are world class and extremely popular. Pria Warrick – a former Miss INDIA America, is also a regular columnist with a number of Magazines in U.K., India & Australia on Protocol, Etiquette and Confidence building. She has been featured in International Media such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The London Tribune, Economic Times, Financial Times, London Times, the Daily Telegraph, Toronto Star, Gulf News, Times of India, Hindustan Times etc. to name some.

Her famous BBC T.V. show “Indian Finishing School” has been a success worldwide. Her appearances on other International television channels and radio programmes across the globe such as CNN, Boston Radio, BBC, etc. have been received very well among International and Indian audience.

Besides, being a former Ms. INDIA America and Counselling Psychologist, she has other credentials to her credit:

  1. Recipient of the Woman of the Year Award; 2014 by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC).
  2. Image consultant , Protocol and etiquette expert to government of India and many multinationals.
  3. She is fluent in English, German, French, Hindi language.
  4. An Image Consultant and Trainer to Femina Miss India Pageant and Grasim Mr. India Contest.
  5. First Indian Model to make it to the International Ramp in Paris, New York, Milan, Frankfurt and London

The Academy’s Social and Corporate Etiquette programmes are created to equip our students and clients with the correct International Etiquette, Protocol knowledge and the Global Soft Skills required for the Corporate World, Government Departments, Universities, Schools and Individuals.


One requires 15 % technical skills to get a job. But one requires 85% Business Etiquette and Social graces to make advancement in one’s career. Etiquette is not only essential in society but have a very practical value in the Corporate World. In today’s International business environment and culturally diverse workplace, executives who know the right business and International Etiquette are able to handle Social and Business situations with finesse and grace and are more Confident while conducting business be it the Dining Etiquette or Social etiquette in the Business World.


Ladies are not born, they are created. Being a woman does not automatically make her a lady. We teach girls/ladies proper etiquette and Social graces required as per the needs of her family background. Grace, poise with proper style and handling of relationships, to playing the perfect hostess for formal Dinners with immaculate Dining Etiquette. We groom girls/ladies for that right attitude Indian, Asian and European family value system. Most importantly to handle every situation with finesse.


Confidence with right attitude, International Etiquette and grooming is very essential in today’s Kids/teens. We prepare students for a life ahead– both socially and professionally to become the future leaders. Our special techniques help students to stand out in a crowd. The classes are designed to teach Social Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Public speaking, Confidence Building, focus on their strengths and concentrate on developing them

Our Modules

For Corporate Houses and Executives: (Top Management, Middle Management & Front Liners)  
  • Polished Executive (10days-1month)
  • The Confident Gentlemen (15days-3months)
  • Young CEO (20day-4months)
  • BBA , MBA program (1-2years)
For Girls & Ladies:
  • The Perfect Lady (10days-1month)
  • The Confident Lady (15days-3months)
  • The Confident Bride (20day-4months)
  • The Celebrity Girl/Lady (6months-1year)
Modules for Children and Teenagers:
  • The Confident You(2weeks)
  • Confidence with High Society Secrets(3weeks)
  • Stand Out In a Crowd(1year)
For Universities/ Colleges:
  • Creating Lasting Impression
  • Corporate Finesse
  • Corporate Culture
  • Interview Etiquette
For Schools: (From Nursery to Class XII)
  • Mind your Manners
  • Finishing touches to your persona
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Personality Development
  • Self Management
  • Removing Shyness- Confidence Building
  • English / Communication Skills
  • Foreign Languages