Ladies & Brides

"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"

Women go through different phases in their lives as their personalities develop over time. This growth period requires time and commitment. They may have had some experiences in life which may have shaped their lives and explain why they react to issues the way they do. There are also other influences from different sources that also shape their lives. Women can decide the type of personality they desire and work at it. It is possible. In the work place, family and relationships, our personality plays a role on how successful we will become.

No matter how modern our society may become, the behaviour of a women is always appreciated to be lady like. To have a powerful personality means that one carries an air of command and is looked upon by others. This powerful personality can be churned out of a powerful character which is built on the pillars of self acceptance, self esteem and confidence. Most Indian women are taught to be subservient, not confident. Since the beginning they are told to listen and not speak up. Also this is not only in the personal arena, but in the professional as well. Many professional Indian women, with hunched shoulders are not able to maintain eye contact, not standing tall and not speaking up. This is due to lack of confidence, not being able to maintain a perfect balance between work and life.

We, at Pria warrick finishing academy facilitate the women to stand tall, deal effectively with the society and have a charismatic personality. Here, we focus on helping you develop those skills which can facilitate you to deal with difficulties ranging from home management to relationship handling to developing a style and also getting rid of complexes which may be developed over a period of time. Women also face a lot of stress and anxiety during the major transition period of their life which is Marriage, it is thus essential that at this stage of life, you are prepared to deal with the responsibilities efficiently and move smoothly through this transition period.

Our training objective focuses on:

  • Healthy transformation from a girl to a lady.
  • Maintaining a perfect equilibrium between work and life.
  • Effective relationship handling and home management
  • How to become a perfect bride and carry yourself with poise and grace.
  • Preparing you to deal with different roles from being a wife to daughter in law and to deal effectively with new relatives.

Our Aim is to provide ladies with the social aspect of their behaviour by providing them training in the following domains:

  • Relationship handling
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Handing teens and young adults
  • New age parenting skills
  • Gender sensitization
  • Getting rid of complexes
  • Art of assertiveness ( The art of how to say/ accept "NO")
  • Art of effective socializing
  • Dealing with sensitive nature
  • Building your identity
  • Art of dressing effectively
  • Getting your importance felt at home
  • Home management and self management
  • Confidence with high society secrets
  • Stress/ anger and anxiety management
  • Party etiquette
  • Maintaining work-life balance
  • Dealing with irritability and mood swings

And many more social-behaviour aspects needed to refine the ladies and their personality in a healthier and positive direction. Every Program here is detailed orientated and varies from person to person, as it is totally customized and co-designed along with their requirements and specification needed, which takes place only after the Assessment procedure of the individual at our Finishing Academy.