The Professional world has established a Dress code deemed appropriate for the Corporate World, known as – Power Dressing – which could include Business Formals, Business casuals, Friday Dressing , Business everyday look. With all these different Power Dressing requirements for various occasions, it is often difficult for a Corporate Executive to know it all. The Pria Warrick Finishing Academy helps you overcome this area of confusion so that you can Dress Comfortably for every Business and Social occasions.

Similarly, The Social Power Dressing is another area that gets addressed for Both Gentlemen and Ladies. This could range from Social Formals to Social Casuals. It also includes Indian Social Formals and Indian Social Casuals.

Most important is to accessorize both Business Dressing, Social Power Dressing. The various accessories that add flair to your personality – along with color combinations to suit you.

The above sessions are conducted separately for Ladies and Gentlemen. Individualized and Private Sessions are also offered on Power Dressing.