Gone are the days when your technical skills alone took you ahead in your career. Today you require 15% technical skills to get a job, but 85% Social Graces and Etiquette to make an advancement in your career.

To Stand out in a Crowd today, you need refinement, Social Etiquette and know how to carry yourself socially. Leadership traits in a personality cannot come about without the presence of Social Etiquette in a lady or a gentleman. Personalities are not born, but are created here at The Pria Warrick Finishing Academy.

 Art of being a Gentleman

Being a gentleman requires Chivalry, Social Etiquette, Good command over language, character, Grooming and Consideration for others.

Rise above the competition and learn to Stand out in a Crowd with our special techniques to carry yourself in every Business, Social and Personal Situation with flying colors. From Dealing with seniors, colleagues, clients to dealing with personal relationships, From Fine Dining to Business Etiquette, From Wine & Champagne Appreciation to Learning the Art of Saying “No”, From developing tact & diplomacy to carrying yourself in Formal and Classy environments, From Learning International Cuisines to Public Speaking.

Art of Being Lady

Being a woman automatically does not make one a “Lady”

Being thought of as a Lady” maybe one of the highest compliments a woman can receive in her life.

The “Art of Refinement” and knowing how to carry yourself in every social situation. Our techniques help develop your Social Etiquette, be it in the social arena or the Business World, knowing what to do in different social situations or learning how to carry yourself gracefully with dignity and confidence with friends, relatives, in-laws, business clients, celebrities and be accepted in the finest and dignified circles of people. From elegance and grace to the perfect hostess entertaining her guests, From knowing the proper social graces and leaving a good impression to Art of Thank you notes and “Art of Complimenting”, From various cutleries to Wine & Champagne Appreciation, From Grooming and Body Language to the proper dressing and international cuisines.