For Corporate executives, Businesswomen and Businessmen.


Conducted at a 5 star Hotel

Workshop Dates:

19th & 20th April

17th & 18th May

7th & 8th June

Timings: 10:00 A.M-4:00 P.M
(Buffet Lunch with Practical Dining Etiquette included)
  • Business Etiquette
  • Creating Lasting Impressions
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Image Enhancing
  • Power Dressing
  • The art of being Assertive, firm yet Professional
  • Wellness Management
  • Social Etiquette in the Business World.


Topic Polished Executive Confident Gentleman Young CEO The Perfect Debonair Gentleman BBA/MBA Degree Awarded Learn Practical Business
For Outstation
For Delhi
(2weeks 3months ) (6weeks 6months) (3months 1Year) (6 Months to 1 Year) (1year and 2years)
Creating Lasting Impressions Y Y Y Y Y
Business Etiquette (Level – 1) Y Y Y Y Y
Corporate Etiquette Y Y Y
Overcoming Anger/ Negative thoughts Y Y Y
Presentations in front of financial institutions Y Y
Self Management/Time management in the Business World Y Y Y Y Y
How to come out of Dad’s Shadow Y Y
Dealing with government officers Y Y
Dining Etiquette Level-1 (Theory & Practical) Y Y Y Y Y
Dealing with Different Kinds of Personalities Y Y Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette   (Level -2) Y Y Y Y
Social Etiquette Y Y Y Y Y
Social Graces Level – II Y Y Y
Body Language Y Y Y Y Y
Leadership Skills & Etiquette Y Y Y Y Y
Art of being polite, firm yet business like Y Y Y Y Y
How to get into Dad’s Business Shoes Y Y Y
Avoiding conflict at the work place Y Y Y Y
Interview Etiquette – Level 1 Y Y Y Y Y
International Corporate Etiquette Y Y Y
Cross Cultural Sensitization Y Y Y
Wine and Champagne Appreciation Y Y Y Y
Art of entertaining Clients Y Y
Art of being a host Y Y Y
Art of being a guest Y Y Y
Team Building Y Y Y Y
Stand Out in a Crowd Y Y
High Society secrets Y
Developing business contacts Y Y Y
Where to draw the “line” Y Y Y Y
Semi-formal dressing Y Y Y Y Y
Friday dressing Y Y Y
Art of accepting a “NO” Y Y Y Y Y
Art of saying “NO” Y Y Y Y Y
Handling criticism positively Y Y
Dealing with a V.I.P Y
Art of Tact & Diplomacy Y Y Y
Handling Media & Press Y
Gender Sensitization Y Y
Business Etiquette (Level- 2) Y Y Y Y
Social Graces in Business World Y Y Y Y Y
Dealing with very Senior Executives Y
Art of Dressing Y Y Y Y
Relationship Management Y Y Y
Communication Skills Y Y Y Y Y
Art of building contacts and networking Y Y Y
Social Etiquette (Advanced) Y Y Y Y
Interview Etiquette – Level 2 Y Y Y Y
Power Dressing Y Y Y Y Y
Conflict Management Y Y
The need to have an agenda Y Y
Party Etiquette Y Y Y Y
Art of Entertaining Guests in a Hotel Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Level-3) Y Y Y
Dealing with Accounts and Finance Department Y
Impactful Public Speaking Y Y Y Y Y
Personal Wardrobing Y Y Y
Decision Making skills and etiquette Y Y
Fine Dining Y
Image Enhancing Y Y Y Y
Corporate Structuring for existing Business Y Y
Organizational Skills Y Y
Advertising Strategies Y Y
Business Communication Etiquette Y
Wellness Management Y Y Y Y
Operation Management Y Y
French/German Language (Optional) Y
Impactful Presentation Etiquette Y Y Y Y
Develop a Style Y Y
Self-Motivation Y Y Y
Understanding the need to have an Agenda Y Y Y
Handling Professional Relationship Y Y Y Y
Exposure to high Society Y Y Y Y
*Lifestyle and luxury Culture Y
Dealing with Sales and Marketing Department Y Y
Managerial Economics Y
Organizational Behavior Y
Dealing with Human Resources Y Y
Principles/Styles of Management Y
Secrets of a Top Brass Businessman Y
Cocktail Etiquette Y Y
Style and Grooming Y Y
Art of Seating in the Business world Y
How to hold a press Conference Y
Enjoying Finer Things in life Y
Marketing Management Y Y
Financial Management Y
Note: Individual sessions available.

Learn the secrets of powerful

Business honchos and leadership traits of top brass

Executives and how they leave those lasting impressions.

Pria Warrick Finishing Academy invites you to a life changing experience on Corporate Finesse, Impression Management and Executive Presence that will augment your personal and professional image.

Organization Development today requires a critical set of core employee etiquette for its survival. Organizational Behavior demands employees to be engaged with their mission, values and vision and who have the skills needed to improve performance.

Each individual’s needs are customized carefully by our professional team of Soft Skills Trainers, Qualified Psychologists under the able guidance of our Director, PRIA WARRICK, an Image Consultant and Counseling Psychologist.

Employee Engagement benefits through the learning of new skills and becoming a valued asset in any organization. Overall Corporate Grooming can boost the workforce morale and satisfaction, enhance their ―soft skills such as inter-staff communication, leadership, and time management leading to increased customer satisfaction. Therefore, training brings direct benefits to business and can be calculated as a return on investment.

Upgrading employees’ skills and bracing them for career advancement not only provides a well-equipped and more productive work force. It also generates higher employee satisfaction as well as employee retention thus creating lasting impressions.

Some of our regular clients are KPMG, ONGC, FICCI, Canon, Morgan Stanley, HP, Microsoft, NTPC and many more.

Develop your professional image with powerful presence, natural leadership, voice impact, posture, signature style, polished and grooming.

  • One or Two Day Programmes can be organized for Corporate Houses, Government Organizations, Institutions etc.
  • Executives can be nominated for the OPEN HOUSE WORKSHOPS.
  • Certificate Awarded.
  • Individual and Group Sessions Available.
  • Foreign Language Available in addition to any Programme.

Leadership Skills Classes

Can you look in to the future? Can anyone look in the future?

Well a leader can, it is the capacity of a leader that he takes everyone vision and create a future beyond definition.

Do you think that you are a leader??

If yes, do you know your type? Have you honed your skills? Can you make those tuff decisions?

And If no, and you feel like your life demands you to become one than, we at Pria Warrick Finishing Academy create leaders of the future we develop your personality, enhance your behavior and sharpen your skills so that you can lead from front Because Leadership skills are an essential component in positioning executives to make thoughtful decisions about their organization's mission and goals

The revolving situation of business and economy with the tides of globalization and industrialization has turned the world to a global village. And to make your footprint strong enough in this competition, one need to possess skills that outshines him from the crowd. And here to the rescue comes your leadership skills as a backbone to the body.

Leadership skills can be quoted as a potential resource that delineates your aura from being lead to lead independently. Culture today demands working in high performance teams, work in various organization climates and hold a group for common takes together. The only successful person today is who manages to “manage people as a leader”.

We, at PRIA WARRICK FINISHING ACADEMY, provide leadership skills classes to enhance and facilitate your outcome as a leader. An individual’s career as well as personal growth depends on his or her potentials and ultimately leads to self – actualization. To polish your existing potential into a refined power, our leadership skills play resourceful guide. Leadership skills classes groom the leader within you individually giving true recognition to you aptitude, so that it outshines as well as in high performance teams.

We, at PRIA WARRICK FINISHING ACADEMY assure you to equip you with the ability of self – recognition. So for the search pf a true leader within you, leadership skills classes are your resort.


With an evolving demand of the globalized world, it is of utmost importance for the human resources to upgrade their skills for surviving in the competitive corporate world. Though the technical skills help a person to do work completion, soft skills further help to bring a positive outcome. With the same rationale, we at Pria Warrick Finishing Academy aim at adding a globalized finesse to an executive’s personality through our Corporate Training Programme’s. To convert an employee into an executive, it is important to reflect a globalized outlook through our thoughts, action and behavior.

Our Corporate Training Programs are formulated with the agenda to provide a solution focused approach to people who deal with various difficult corporate situations such as executive presence, polished turnout, stagnation in career, lack of leadership skills, difficulty communicating with colleagues or seniors equipped with business etiquette, etc. These programmes not only provide the executives requisite skills for survival, but also instill a confidence to carry a polished personality.

The advantages of the Corporate Training Programmes are:

  • Enhances employee’s on-the-job performance
  • Improves inter-team communication
  • Improves the career path
  • Improves Business, Social & Dining Etiquette
  • Helps break stagnation
  • Improves Corporate Grooming
  • Helps executive instill confidence
  • Revives the culture of the organization
  • Uplifts one’s Personality Profile
  • Provides a globalized outlook
  • Prepares a person to work in all cultures worldwide
  • Helps both at individual and organizational level to achieve personal and professional goals

“One can never climb up the corporate ladder with hands in pockets”. On this note, we have devised our corporate training programmes which include Soft Skills, Etiquette & Protocol, as well as Behavioral Skills.