Soft Skills Quiz

These questions would often come in your mind and most of the times you may not have answer for them. Priawarrick finishing school is one of the finest schools when it comes to soft skills training andour innovative training courses ensure that you are well equipped with your soft skills to meet any challenges in this dynamic environment. Whether it’s with your social circle on what and how talk, or it’s in your business front how to deal with seniors, clients, or it’s how to dress up in what occasion. Priawarrick finishing has experts which deal with getting rid of those complexes, anger, shyness and helping in that overall grooming of your personality.

Test your Business, Social & Dining Etiquette

  1. At business dinner, after the business is over, do you know how to carry a social conversation with your German business client?
  1. If you are a vegetarian and travelling overseas, do you know what to order for yourself?
  1. A toast has been proposed in your honour, you say thank you, and take a sip of your drink. Are you correct?
  1. At a formal dinner the waiter is serving wine and you don’t want any. What should you do?
  1. “Ms. Director, I’d like you to meet Mr. Client”. Is this introduction correct?
  1. When shaking hands, who should extend the hand first? Man or Woman?
  1. You are meeting a client over the weekend for business. How should you dress?
  1. People take the credit for your work. How do you brand yourself better in front of your superiors?
  1. The office can sometimes have unreasonable requests. Do you know the art of saying “NO”, yet keeping the boss happy?
  1. Does your work go unnoticed? Do you know the art of ‘Self Branding’ and ‘Self Projection’?
  1. Do you know the “Art of avoiding conflicts at the work place”?
  1. Do you have Interpersonal Social Skills to build new contacts?
  1. You know the right interview skills, but do you know the right interview etiquette?
  1. Why is Social Etiquette important in the corporate world?
  1. What is Power Dressing, Semi Formal Dressing, and Friday Dressing?
  1. Do you know the proper etiquette of eating with your hands in a formal gathering?
  1. Do you have the right answers but are conscious of speaking out in meetings?
  1. Do you hesitate at Public Speaking and Presentations?
  1. Are you unable to make friends?
  1. Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
  1. What is the difference between Aperitif and an Appetizer?
  1. Can men wear perfumes?
  1. As a host at a Business dinner you should place the highest ranking guest to your left? True/False
  1. You are a good worker but are you stagnating in your career and there is no growth while others are getting promoted?
  1. Do you have exposure to international cuisines since the business world has become global?