Shyness is feeling uncomfortable in social situations in ways that interfere with our ability to enjoy life & restricts us to perform at a level were very capable of, and leads us to avoid social situations altogether.

Everyone has some degree of shyness, but when shyness leads to lack of social life, no friends, lack of confidence, running away from situations one is quite capable of, lack of interest in personal and professional life, fear of public speaking, lack of communication skills, thinking less of oneself and making constant comparisons with others etc, We can Help You....

Our Finishing Academy prepares individuals to become "Leaders" and not "Followers", people of "Substance" and not average. Our team of Psychologists and Etiquette Trainers under the guidance of our Director Ms Pria Warrick (Counseling Psychologist & Etiquette expert) polish students personalities and develop inner confidenceĀ and outer polishing to face challenges of life.