Kids & Teenagers

One Week Programme

  1. Creating Lasting Impressions
  2. Creating Leaders
  3. The Art of Making Decisions
  4. The Art of Understanding and Handling Relationships
  5. Art of Saying ‘No’ and Where to Draw the Line
  6. The Art of Social Graces and Etiquette
  7. Poise and Grace for Girls
  8. Developing a Confident Personality
  9. Table Manners
  10. Dining Etiquette
  11. Developing Communication Skills
  12. Developing a Team Spirit
  13. Refinement Etiquette and Image Enhancement
  14. Overcome Shyness
  15. Party Etiquette
  16. Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
  17. Dealing with Peer Pressure
  18. Ballroom Dancing
  19. Etiquette for Lady/Gentleman to be
  20. Dealing with Different Kinds of Personalities
  21. Self and Time Management
  22. Impactful Public Speaking
  23. The Art of Gratitude
  • Training hours – 10:00am- 5:00pm.
  • The fee includes 5* Hotel accommodation with all meals (guardian to accompany).
  • Complementary stay with breakfast, dinner for accompanying guardian,
  • Discounted professional fee available for guardian wanting to attend workshop as well.