Individual Sessions

We customize the personal sessions to suit the needs of an individual. Selection for this programme is on the basis of a personal interview.

The following personal sessions will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance your personal style, project a powerful presence and be more successful in your professional and personal relationships.

Although personal sessions are generally scheduled on an hourly basis, we also offer half-day and full-day programs.

1. Creating Lasting Impressions Appearance and image; appropriate dressing; the right body language; greetings and introductions, how your voice speaks volumes about you, enhancing self esteem.

2. Communication Skills & Etiquette

How to initiate and gracefully end conversations; the art of small talk; how to enter group conversations; how to keep a conversation going; how to improve your listening skills; and, how to be an effective communicator.

3. Interview Etiquette Preparing for interviews; the right body language for interviews; answering behavioral questions; perfecting your visual resume; do’s and don’ts of interview etiquette.

4. Formal Dining Etiquette

Formal dining etiquette; art of seating; dining dos and don’ts; conversation at the dining table; handling cutlery; art of being a host; art of being a guest; art of toasting;

5.Relationship handling

How to build rapport for successful relationships; understanding man/woman relationship; handling relationship with seniors and subordinates; dealing with clients.