Soft Skills Training

  1. Precedence and the VIP culture
  2. Creating Lasting Impressions
  3. Power Dressing and Grooming
  4. Officer’s Etiquette
  5. Social Etiquette and protocol
  6. Conversational Skills
  7. Formal Dining Etiquette and Banquets
  8. Art of Small Talk
  9. Art of being Firm, Polite yet Professional
  10. Art of dealing with different kinds of Personalities
  11. Introduction to Formal Table Setups and different Cutleries
  12. Protocol Training and Etiquette
  13. Wine and Champagne Appreciation
  14. Art of being a Host/Guest
  15. Exposure to International Cuisines
  16. Body language
  17. Art of say ‘No’

“If 125 crore people work together; India will move forward 125 crore steps.” (P.M Narendra Modi)

Have you ever faced a rejection without even given a chance of proper introduction ?

Do you feel that people judge you very easily ?

Does your entire interview go awful ?

Think again, is there an issue with your approach? Do you lack one very essential factor in your Personality ?

Technical skills might fill up the jar with ornaments but soft skills shape the jar to make it look finished and polished. A person with requisite soft skills knows the art of carrying oneself flawlessly through all difficult situations: professional vis-à-vis social. We build personalities with global aura & persona. This not only helps a person build a confident self, but also enables you to standout of the crowd. Having soft skills is the gateway to success in today’s competitive world.

The importance of the Soft Skills Trainings is also emphasized by our government’s focus on the Skill India initiative which aims at providing skills based training to our most essential resource. As the government plans to include 500 hours of soft skills training as a part of technical syllabus, to prepare the workforce for the industry needs. (Economic Times).

We are continuously inspired to offer the best and dynamic soft skills training so that your etiquettes never fall short and your confidence never dips. Therefore, we also engage in continuing research programs that are meant to upgrade our training skills for you! Come now and find the best soft skills training at Pria Warrick Finishing School.

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