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Topic Perfect Lady Confident Bride The Celebrity Girl/Wife Degree Awarded: BA in Lifestyle & Home Management
For Outstation For Delhi (2 week to 3 months) (6 weeks to 6 months) (3 months to 1 year) (1 and 2 years)
Personality Development Y Y Y Y
Self Motivation Y Y Y Y
Social Etiquette Y Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette Basic Y Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette Advanced Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Advance Level- 2) Y
How to handle an argument positively Y Y Y
Party Etiquette Y Y Y Y
Art of Entertaining Y Y
Art of being a host Y Y
Art of being a guest Y Y
High Society Secrets Y
The Art of Dressing Y Y Y Y
Making your importance felt in the family Y
Understanding a man/ woman relationship Y Y Y
Home Management Level 1 Y
How to get into mom’s shoes Y
Home Management – Level II Y
Converting negative behavior to positive Y
Creating the right impression in the new home Y
Self management & Time Management Y Y Y Y
One Step Ballroom Dancing Y Y Y Y
Developing Conversational Skills Y Y Y Y
Learning to deal with criticism Y
Enjoying Finer Things in life Y
Lifestyle, Class & Elegance Y
Make up Application ( Basic ) Y Y Y Y
Make Up Tips (Advanced) Y Y
Lifestyle and luxury Culture Y
Perfect hair Style to suit your face
Developing a Style Y Y
Home Economics Y
The Art of Dressing Y Y Y Y
Body Language Y Y Y Y
Dealing With Different kinds of Personalities Y Y Y Y
Marriage Etiquette Y
Questions to ask the boy for marriage Y
Cooking Class Level 1 Y Y Y
Cooking Class Level – II Y
Image enhancing Y Y Y
Developing a positive attitude Y
For Foreign Students: Y
· Arabic Family Value Systems
.Far Eastern Value Systems
. European Family Value System
.Indian Value Systems Y
Art of Dressing (advance) Y Y
Wellness Management Y Y Y
International Etiquette Y Y
Parenting Skills Y Y
Exposure to High Society Y Y
Personal Wardrobe Assistance/shopping Y Y
Stand Out in a Crowd Y
Dealing with extended family Y
Fitness Management Y
Art of Socializing Y Y
Art of saying “NO” Y Y
How to accept a “NO” Y Y
Interview Etiquette (Basic) Y Y Y Y
Style Management Y
French/German Language (optional) Y
Wealth Management Y
Attitude Management Y Y
Image Enhancing-II Y Y
Financial Management Y

Confidence, Elegance, Grace, Style and Sophistication are never out of fashion. Our experts at the Pria Warrick Finishing Academy prepare girls, ladies and brides for an onward life journey.

You have the style , brands , jewellery and luxury to get married , but do you have the confidence and knowledge of sustaining a marriage successfully where you are required to transform from a girl to a lady where one is expected to play many roles i.e daughter in law to your in laws , a wife to your husband as well as effectively handling your professional life. The team of Pria warrick Finishing academy helps you develop those skills which would help you in your life to handle any difficulties from relationship handling to home management to developing a style , getting rid of complexes etc.

Each individual is carefully handled by our professional team that consists of qualified psychologists, soft skills trainers and experts in fields such as, Makeup Artists, Stylists, Chefs, etc under the able guidance of our Director, PRIA WARRICK, an Image Consultant and clinical Psychologist in our different pre bridal packages.

"Exemplary results and transformation is very Customized to the needs of society, marriage and professional abilities- in a nutshell the needs of girls and ladies in today's world is fulfilled in these Pre Bridal Packages"

Our students (girls, ladies and brides) can choose from a variety of courses and pre bridal packages for brides ranging from One Week to One Year. We guarantee exemplary results and the transformation is very apt to what society, marriage and career demands from girls and ladies in today’s world.

Wedding bells are ringing right around the corner, you are well versed with your expected role but do you really feel that the roles are limited to Cooking and Dressing up? Marriage is a transition from being an individual on your own to a Lady with certain responsibilities. Are you prepared for the journey which demands you to play many roles from being a wife, daughter in law and dealing with the new relatives as well as effectively handling your professional life.

Now that you are in your new home, do you know how to make your importance felt in the new family? When in a heat of discussion do you know how to handle an argument positively?

We are going to prepare you right from which questions to ask the boy for marriage to managing the home economics and financial management. We are going to impart the Essential skills covering all the areas from converting negative behavior to a positive one, developing and maintaining the style and the class. Our main focus is on to transform your while making you the confident bride which are going to help you build a life that you have always dreamed of Wedding embarks the starting of a lifetime promise for a new journey. Months of preparation and regular juggling from one place to another to set things correct is essential to increase the grandiosity of the D-day.

The stress of looking perfect and carrying yourself with poise is the one thing that bothers the bride the most. We, at PRIA WARRICK FINISHING ACADEMY help you to deal with the stressors that come along with the wedding preparations with our Pre – Bridal Packages.

The Pre – Bridal Packages offered by us cover a diverse area such as hair care, make-up, skin care, etc. also, the pre-bridal packages involve jewellery combinations and dresses that bring out the best in you can be discovered with us. Our main focus is to transform you while making you the confident bride which is going to help you build a life that you have always dreamed off. The pre bridal package also further includes home management, financial management and relationship handling.