For Kids & Teens

School Of Personality Development

Creating Lasting Impressions Y Y
Social Graces/ Etiquette Y Y
I Am Special Y Y
Etiquette for Lady/Gentlemen to be Y Y
Etiquette for Lady/Gentlemen to be (Advanced) Y
Confidence building Y Y
Developing Self esteem Y
I Am Special (Advanced) Y Y
Dealing with peer pressure Y Y
Body Language Y Y
Table Manners Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Level 1) Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Level 2) Y Y
Team Building Y
Developing Team Spirit Y Y
Art of making and retaining friends Y Y
Art of making and retaining friends (Advanced) Y Y
Self management Y Y
Time Management Y Y
Public Speaking Level 1 Y Y
Public Speaking Level 2 Y Y
Public Speaking Level 3 Y
Presentation Skills Y
Image Enhancing Y
Interview Etiquette Y
Group Discussion Y
Art of Dressing Y Y
How to be a leader? Y
Art of Sitting, Standing & Walking Y
Anger management Y
Improving   English speaking and pronunciation skills Y
Attitude Management Y Y
Birthday Party Etiquette Y
Communication Skills Etiquette Y
How to be Social Y
Overcoming Shyness Y Y
Party Etiquette Y Y
Ballroom Dancing Y Y
Wellness management Y
Art of Socializing Y
How to get self motivated Y
Understanding realistic and unrealistic goals Y
Exam anxiety Y
Developing Concentration Span Y
Dealing with stress Y
Dealing with panic situations Y
Emotional stability and awareness Y
Dealing with Bullies Y Y
Dealing with lies Y
Tact and Diplomacy Y Y
Social Networking Y
Art of Answering spontaneously with flair & finesse Y
Developing Conversational Skills Y Y
Art of Small Talk Y Y
Make up Application Y
Perfect Hairstyle to suit your face Y
Dealing with attention seeking behavior Y
Art of Restraining & Self control Y
Developing a Style Y
Good taste and character building Y
Dealing with different kinds of personalities Y
Understanding a man/woman relationship Y
Cooking class Y
Dealing with issues of Self Comparison Y
Leadership Skills (Level II) Y
Survival techniques Y
Improving Interpersonal Relations Y
Visit to a Coffee Shop Y
Art of Assertiveness Y
Parent Interaction Y Y
*Swimming Time at The Hilton Hotel Y Y
*Exposure to High Society Y Y
*Brunch at The Hilton Hotel Y Y
*Fine Dining at The Hilton Hotel Y Y
*Lunch at The Hilton Hotel Y Y
*Movie and Popcorn Time Y Y
Dealing With Criticism Y
Counsellings Y

“Make Your Children Stand Out in a Crowd”

• “They’ve Learnt Swimming • They’ve Learnt Cricket • It’s Time to Learn CONFIDENCE”

Independent, Self-Managed, Confident, Disciplined, Dynamic

are some of the qualities every Teenager or Child aspires for.
  • Courses throughout the year
  • Summer Programmes:
Along with regular courses, our main attractions are the SUMMER PROGRAMME (2 or 3 week programme) for Kids and Teenagers held in the month of April, May, June and July or a Programme throughout the year, once or twice a week.