Gentlemen Module


One Week Programme

  1. Creating Lasting Impressions
  2. Business Etiquette
  3. Overcome Shyness
  4. Developing Conversational Skills
  5. Corporate Power Dressing
  6. Art of Fine Dining (Theory & Practical)
  7. Social Etiquette in Business World
  8. Business Communication Etiquette
  9. Art of Being Polite, firm, yet business like
  10. Impactful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  11. Facing Interviews
  12. Positive Body Language
  13. The Art of Avoiding Conflict at the Work Place
  14. Developing Decision Making Skills
  15. Rising above Corporate Politics
  16. Learning the Art of Tact and Diplomacy
  17. Body Language and Image Enhancement
  18. Dealing with Different Kinds of Personalities
  19. Joining Family's Business
  20. Getting in "Dad's Shoes"
  21. Getting Out Of "Dad's Shadow"
  22. Wellness Management
  23. The Art of Saying ‘No’ and where to Draw the Line.
  • Training Hours- 10:00 am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • The fee includes 5* Hotel accommodation with all meals. Facilities like health clubs, sauna, steam, swimming pool available.
  • Airport pickup and drop to hotel.
  • Pickup and drop from hotel to academy.