Topic 15 days -2months 2 months –4months 5 months – 8 months
Creating Lasting Impressions
Overcoming Shyness
Leadership Skills & Etiquette
Social Graces in Business World
Communication Skills
Art of being polite, firm yet business like
Power Dressing
Dining Etiquette (Theory & Practical)
Impactful Public Speaking
Image Enhancing
Party Etiquette
Social Etiquette
Conflict Management
Business Communication Etiquette
Business Etiquette- Level - 1
Body Language: Image Enhancing
Business Etiquette – Level- 2
Social Etiquette Advanced
Dealing with Different Kinds of Personalities
International Corporate Etiquette
Interview Etiquette-Level 2
Corporate Etiquette
Art of Dressing
Art of Assertiveness
Developing a style
Self- Management
Wine and Champagne Appreciation
Relationship Management
Home Management Level 1
Wellness Management
Make up Application (Basic)
Art of Socializing
Exposure to high Society
Dining Etiquette (Advanced Level-1)
Art of Entertaining Guests in a Hotel
Maintaining effective work-life Balance
Presentation etiquette
Perfect Hair styling to suit your face
Personal Wardrobing
Parenting Skills
Dining Etiquette (Advanced Level-2)
Social Graces Level – II
Cooking Class Level-1
One Step Ballroom Dancing
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