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Pria Warrick, President cum Executive Director, Pria Warrick Finishing Academy was founded by her in 1990. A Certified Image Builder and Etiquette Expert Consultant from the world famous Finishing Schools of Switzerland and U.S.A. Equipped with a three year Post Graduation in Finishing School, she is a Certified International Corporate Trainer on Personality Development, Protocol, Etiquette, Grooming & Image Enhancing.

Armed with 18 years of specialization in the field, Ms. Warrick is associated with Corporate Houses, Government organisations and 200 Schools and Institutes worldwide.

A Former Miss India America Who has the Following Credentials ..

Pria Warrick is a regular columnist with a number of magazines in U.K., India and Australia, on Protocol, Etiquette and Confidence Building. Her famous BBC T.V. series called INDIAN FINISHING SCHOOL in U.K. have been a hit. Having worked with Top Brass Executives, Middle management Executives, Ground level Executives, colleges and schools students makes her truly a very versatile Personality. The Former Miss India is a Certified Clinical Psychologist from Cornell University, U.S.A., which helps her polish Students, Executives and Individuals not only on the outside, but also strengthen the inner confidence and deal with Behavioral issues.

A powerful Corporate Trainer, who has been an Image Builder to film stars, staff of Presidential and Royal houses and many important dignitaries. Her multi lingual background makes her well conversant in German, English, French and Hindi languages. Her exposure to U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa makes her truly a Global Trainer and she brings her rich expertise and knowledge to you now.

Her modules "Corporate Finesse" and "Impression Management" are world class and extremely popular.

Miss India America - Miss Pria Warrick

PRIA WARRICK- a Former Miss India America has made INDIA Proud on Many occasions. Besides, winning the Super title of MISS INDIA she has pioneered and accomplished the following Credentials: