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Dining Etiquette Quiz

Table Etiquettes Training
Table Etiquette

1. Do we drink Beer before wine or wine before beer?

2. If I leave the dining table, how do my associates/friends and the restaurant staff know that I am returning?

3. A father, a mother, a grand father and a 10 year old son enter the restaurant. Explain who should enter the restaurant as per protocol?

4. Explain the cutlery used for the following dishes?
  1. Spaghetti
  2. Caviar
  3. Camembert Cheese
  4. Lobster
5. As the lady approaches the dining table is it considered correct dining etiquette for gentleman to stand up while the lady sits down?
True or False

6. Is it table manners to dip biscuits into the tea and eat them?
True or False

7. A business man invites his business client(Gentleman) for lunch. Is it dining etiquette for the business man to pull the chair for his business client?
True or False

8. If something gets stuck in your teeth while eating is it etiquette to use a tooth pick on dining table while covering your mouth with the left hand?
True or False

9. Is it table manners to eat cake with a tea spoon?
True or False

10. While entertaining more than 4 people is it ok to preset the menu before the guests arrive?
True or False

11. Is it appropriate to serve white wine after serving red wine to my guests?
True or False

12. Which glass would you serve cognac in?

13. Tick the right cutlery used for fish?
Fish Knife
Fish Fork

14. Tick the items that is considered rude to eat at business lunch.
  1. Black Salt
  2. Onions
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Fish
  5. Garlic
  6. Pasta
15. Recommend the corresponding wine for the following dishes:
  1. Coq-au-vin rouge
  2. Fish Newburg
  3. Lasagne Bolonaise
  4. Chateaubriand
  5. Dal Makhni (Black lentils in butter sauce)
  6. Butter Chicken (Chicken in tomato/butter gravy)

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